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Natural wealth

Excellent quality in our gastronomic products
The island of Mallorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year, thanks in large part to the sea that acts as a mitigator of extreme temperatures, favoring an immense natural wealth and botanical variety, as well as unique conditions for cultivation. of all kinds of fruit trees, vegetables and greens. These conditions are known all over the world and therefore many of the gastronomic products made on the island are considered to be of excellent quality.

This is the case, for example, in addition to wine, oil, almonds, salt, oranges, sausages, as well as other vegetables. This good land and climate, together with the fact that Mallorca has been invaded and inhabited by different cultures has produced an extraordinarily rich gastronomy. Among the best known and most typical products we can mention the sobrassada, the ensaïmada, the Majorcan coca, it is pa amb oli, the rubiols and the cocarrois, it gató, it is fourth, it is empanades, it is tumbet, it is s’arroç brut, etc.

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